Uimaliitto – Ui Elämäsi Kuntoon

Uimaliitto is a 1906 founded Finnish nationwide swimming federation for swimming sports like swimming, diving, skill swimming and waterpoloUimaliitto includes 140 swimming clubs in Finland and 100 000 members swims in Uimaliittos events every year. The goal of Uimaliitto is the promotion of swimming sports and fitness, as well as skills in swimming and lifesaving. Uimaliittos basics for actions are the ethical values and the fair play principle in sports. They work strongly within the areas of fitness and health exercise, youth activities and top-swimming sports.  

Project type

MVP development  


Design, Custom software  



The Finnish swimming federation, Uimaliitto, wanted a mobile application for their Ui elämäsi kuntoon-campaign, that encourages people to do more swimming activities and helps them grow their swimming fitness and develop their technique. The point of the campaign is to have a competition within different swimming halls, where the hall that has collected the most kilometers in swimming gets a reward. The users of the application can follow their own progress as well as the progress of the different halls.  

Our Solution

We developed a mobile application for Uimaliitto, which helps the individual to know about the top swimming pools with their detailand the top participant performance for Finland in activities related to swimming, i.e., swimming, water aerobics, water running. The mobile application is available for all the users where they can view all the available data, whereas if the user wants to log their time while participating in certain activities. We used the User stories to find out what is required in the application and started to build the application according to these.  

Services provided

Consulting, Innovation Framework, Android and iOS mobile apps, visual design 

Technologies used

PHP 7.3.26, Laravel Framework 8.0, mysql 5.7.35, AWS EC2 instance – Ubuntu 18.04, React 

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