Oviku is an innovative Finnish based start-up company that is focused in building more secure locks for homes. They are holders of multiple patents and have created locks that provide the best in class security.

Oviku had embarked in project to build a smart lock to homes that can be installed into existing locks and opened using a mobile app. The lock and initial back-end plus Android app was built by another company. Oviku looked for a partner that can scale up the solution and maintain it at reasonable costs.

Project type

Custom development

Implementation scope

Python, Google Cloud, RestAPIs, Native Android, Native iOS


Software Development, Maintenance, Management Consulting




Once the building of smart lock was completed, it was time for Oviku to find a partner to finalize the back-end software solution. The earlier built solution was a simplified solution for piloting purposes and now it was time to build it for production ready.

Our solution

We completed a knowledge transfer from initial development company within a month of starting the project. Along with maintaining the existing system, we have built a native iOS application to serve the iOS users. During the project, a lot of effort has been done to stabilize the solution to be production ready. Now the solution is stable and Oviku is looking for international growth.

Services provided

Python, Google Cloud, RestAPIs, Native Android, Native iOS