Nousu Business Wellness Center

Nousu Business Wellness Center is a premium class gym experience for business customers.

Nousu was stucked using four different software’s to run their operation making it difficult for customers to book their services. To solve this, Nousu decided to build a completely new software to run their operations smoother giving more power to customer. After a rocky start with another company, Nousu approach us due to our deep business understanding and technical knowhow.

Project type

Custom Software

Implementation scope

React, ReactNative, RestAPI, AWS


Management Consulting, Design, Software Development, Maintenance



In gym business, there are multiple point solutions available, but none that overs the whole operations and combines it with modern mobile application giving customer more power for using the services. Due to this, Nousu was faced using four different systems forcing customer to have multiple user accounts to sign in.

Our solution

Before building anything, we ran a series of workshop together with Nousu gaining understanding of the solution they were looking for. To verify the decided direction, a pilot application was built to gain more insight of requirements. Initially, a full project was initiated with an extremely tight projects schedule. The schedule was met, and Nousu Wellness Center was opened on time.

As a solution, we built a modern, API based solution where Nousu now manages all customer details, contract, access right to the gym, different calendars for all of their services, pricing. In same solution, Nousu manages the customer application content. In second release, solution was extended to allow management of all Nousu’s other locations with location specific content in customer apps. Partnership with Nousu continues where project itself is in maintenance / further development stage.

Services provided

React, ReactNative, RestAPI, AWS