Helsinki Cup

Helsinki Cup is the largest junior soccer tournament in Finland. Helsinki Cup has been organised since 1976 and the tournament has established its place as a significant part of summer in Helsinki.

Their website had outdated, and it was time to build a new website. It was important to build the website so that Helsinki Cup employees can themselves update the content on the website.

Project type

Custom development

Implementation scope

WordPress CMS, Seravo server


Software development




The website design project was started with Miller & Lean Marketing Agency. Since there was an extremely tight schedule and a high software development required, they contacted us.

Our solution

We worked in close co-operation with Miller & Lean Marketing Agency to meet the tight schedule without sacrificing quality. Our developer’s worked extended days and weekend and to meet the agreed deadline. To making the site live, we were successful in delivering it on time and it is mainly due to our teams desire to agree on the schedule and close co-operation the Miller & Lean for content and design.

Services provided

WordPress CMS, Seravo Server
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