Fonecta is a leading Finnish contact detail and media company with 114 million € annual revenue and is part of European Directories Group. Fonecta offer different sized companies digital marketing services such as web ads, websites, data and analytics services.

We have partnered with Fonecta in multiple projects, such as GDPR consultation and most recently in Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Initially Fonecta looked for a partner with extremely experienced Management Consultants to help with their GDPR compliance specifications. Fonecta is a large company and with their size comes also a lot of processes that can be automated.

Project type

Management Consulting, RPA

Implementation scope

UiPath, AWS, Custom Software




Fonecta had run in to challenges with their Management Consultancy partner and was in an urgent need to find highly experienced Management Consultant who were capable of learning and adapting GDPR requirements to their needs. Another need for Fonecta is to give their employees more time to work on value-added work and remove repetitive manual process.

Our solution

For GDPR, our most senior Consultants took on the challenge, worked 4 months like crazy to meet the hard deadline of 25.5.2018. During the project, the Consultant worked closely with Fonecta’s employees navigating the data flows of the company. As part of the project, we mapped the data flow of the whole company and managed to reduce servers costs by 10k€/month along the process. Fonecta did meet the deadline and was GDPR compliant as set by law.

For process automation, we are currently working on automating parts of their back-office functions where UiPath software is used to mimic the manual process. Goal for the work is to automate an important process freeing time of employees for other tasks.

Services provided

UiPath, AWS, Custom Software
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