ATL is a construction company that has specialized in the most demanding restorations, such as Finnish President’s residence’s complete renovation. ATL employs ca 200 employees.

ATL’s core business is demanding restorations. Part of their projects, they rent equipment to clients. To automate rental equipment invoicing, ATL looked for a software solution to keep track of the rented equipment, to know their inventory levels, and to generate invoices.

Project type

Custom Software

Implementation scope

React, AWS


Design, Software Development




Complexity to ATL’s rental business comes from having multiple construction sites on-going simultaneously and having different contracts to all sites. To keep up with the invoices, first challenge is to know which equipment is where, which ones of those are part of the rental agreements, and what is in inventory. None of the existing solutions in the market provided a good enough solution and ATL decided to build the software themselves.

Our solution

To understand the complexity of the solution needed, we held workshops to cover the requirements and initiated development. During development, we learned that invoicing part will be more complex than initially planned and agreed to increase the scope. The solution has been successfully developed and is currently in use by ATL. Next step plans are in progress.

Services provided

React, AWS
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