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Fonecta is a leading Finnish contact detail and media company with 114 million € annual revenue and is part of European Directories Group. Fonecta offer different sized companies digital marketing services such as web ads, websites, data and analytics services.
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Alertum is Finland’s leading safety and education company. Their vision is to create a safer society with their expertise. It is not achieved without execution.
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ATL is a construction company that has specialized in the most demanding restorations, such as Finnish President’s residence’s complete renovation. ATL employs ca 200 employees.
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Suppilog is an innovative Finnish marketplace for manufactures and buyers of FMCG industry. With their solutions, buyers can buy directly from manufactures giving both parties a direct purchase line cutting out middlemen. Suppilog is looking to expand internationally.
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Have you ever had anything taken way from you at the airport security? Cotios helps you to get your stuff back.
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