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Many companies have struggled to find a Software Development company as a long-term partner that can commit to budget and timeline while understanding their business. Some companies have stopped investing in digital growth due to having only bad experiences.

We have solved that!

We commit to budget and timelines and we understand that it is our job to support Your Business. We wish to work with you for years to come and help you understand what digital innovations can help you grow now and in the future.

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Digital Innovation

We build digitalization related projects with you from idea to a fully scaled product. These are solutions where you empower your customers for an easier/smoother purchase process and automate the internal handling of the purchase. With improved digital services You enhance your competitive edge in the market.



Drive down your running costs and help improve operational excellence. As part of the maintenance, we modernize the solution and develop it to better serve your current needs. Goal with our maintenance services is to streamline your current organization and enable You to focus in your core business while we maintain and develop your software to be future proof.


Modern way of working

Doing same reports, sending same emails, repeating same back-office functions over and over again is simply unnecessary. We help you to modernize the way office work is done and build software assistants to empower your employees. This way we make sure that critical processes are not managed by single people and we secure continuity in the company. Using RPA (Robotic Process Automation is the trendy term for this) in companies increases employee satisfaction and helps companies in cost savings.


Management Consulting

When you are looking to improve your organizations operation excellence and make room for digital product innovation, it is good to start all of it by understanding it from your business standpoint. Our highly experienced Management Consultants help You navigate through different possibilities to understand where most bang-for-the-buck can be achieved.



We are proud of all the work we do. Here are some of the projects we’ve done.

Do you want to build long-term competitive advantage?

Let’s talk about it! We commit to long-term goals with our clients.

Our Team

Our innovative team is constantly studying the digital space from business logic and technological aspects.

Combining state-of-the-art technologies with business models driven by digital advancements helps businesses to curb the competition and find revenue streams for growth.

  • Sobha Kodam

    QA Manager

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    Chief Executive Officer

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    Chief Sales Officer

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    Chief Operating Officer

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    Project Management Lead

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    Concept Lead

    +358 50 410 5975

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